Green Links

Trees for Life: a must visit for anyone interested in, or nuts about, trees!

International Tree Foundation: established 80 years, this the ITF works towards a world richer in trees, by planting, preserving and educating people on the value of trees worldwide. A UK registered charity, ITF members work in their local communities and on a global scale, ITF tree planting grants help the world’s poorest environments and societies.

CAT – Centre for Alternative Technology The pioneering centre dedicated to all technologies that help us live in harmony with our planet. The centre shows these technologies in action and has an education facility that helps disseminate such information to all who are interested.

The Green Providers Directory: a large site providing a huge, not-for-profit resource for finding green, organic and fair trade goods and services. The site features links to renewable energy suppliers, organic health and beauty products, fair trade clothing, gifts and household goods, ethical careers and a wide range of services including carbon offsetting, sustainable building, lift sharing and paper recycling.

Wildlife & Countryside Services: a vast site with information on everything from wildlife gardening to woodland management to ecological consultancy and environmental education – a valuable resource indeed.