Wildflower Policy

What can you put on a grave site in Boduan Sanctuary Wood?

If your loved ones are buried in Boduan Sanctuary Wood, or you have chosen the wood for your own burial, you have made that choice because you love nature. This means that we honour the true nature of the woodland. There are no marble headstones here – we remember our loved ones by planting and tending native trees and wild flowers and guarding them against disease or cross-pollination with non-native varieties.

As a multi-faith burial site, we request that no religious symbols can be seen by other visitors to the wood.

For the sake of the wood and in keeping with our organic principles, we ask you to take great care about what you bring into the wood and put on graves and pre-booked plots. Always check with us before you bring anything to the wood.

Thank you for caring for our wood.

You may like to bring / plant

  • Flowers, ferns, bulbs and trees from our plant nursery in Boduan Sanctuary Wood.
  • Cut flowers without plastic wrapping.

Planting Wild Flowers

If you want to plant wild flowers, please talk to us about the source of the plants. We reserve the right to remove plants which appear not to be native and which may have been bought from garden centres, both because they are not appropriate to natural woodland, and because such plants can carry diseases which threaten trees.

Thank you for your co-operation, we and the land do appreciate it.

Please do not bring

  • Brightly painted or polished stones, metal or plastic plaques or objects which are not in keeping with the woodland environment
  • Plants from garden centres and shops
  • Cut flowers in plastic wrapping
  • All of the above and other unsuitable items (such as vases) that are left in the wood will be removed by the trustees or manager, without notice.

Please do not mark the outline of the grave, for example by surrounding it with stones.