Summertime in the Wood – Newsletter 132 – August 2022

It’s been so dry in the wood this summer, the ground is like concrete under the rich dark topsoil. I’ve never seen the stream so low. But at least we have a stream and it is still running, so we have water. And there must be water in the ground, because the treees, ferns and brambles remain so gloriously green, soaking up the sunshine. (more…)

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2022 – Newsletter 130 – January 2022

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2022! January is almost over and I’m so happy to see signs of Spring at last! It builds up gradually from here: the fresh young leaves on honeysuckle will be joined by baby leaves on hawthorn and rose, then willow and cherry, and on it will go, the wood turning steadily green as the days lengthen. The first lambs’ tails have already appeared on the willows and we’ll see other catkins soon. (more…)

Hallowe’en in the wood – Newsletter 128 – October 2021

It seems appropriate that I should devote this newsletter to ghoulies and ghosties. Hallowe’en is next Sunday and the mosses are dripping in anticipation. Everything is damp. Yellow slime mould is running riot. Under the brambles, the red and white Amanitas are out in force, capturing the imagination. (more…)

Autumn Equinox in the Wood – Newsletter 127 – September 2021

It’s beautiful!  Clouds of butterflies dancing in the sunshine. On warm September days, the wood smells delicious. I struggle to describe the rich and complex aroma in a way that would be meaningful to those who are unable to visit; it’s a mixture of fruit and fungi, trees and damp earth; it reminds me of Christmas cake, but with a bit of a citrus tang to it. (more…)

Spring in Boduan Sanctuary Wood – Newsletter 124 – May 2021

It’s late spring and spirits are rising with the temperature. We are being freed from lockdown and the earth is producing fresh life. Day after day dawns bright the air sweet with birdsong; and while the wind can still feel chilly, there is real warmth in the sunshine.… (more…)

The Daffodil Month – Newsletter 123 – March 2021

I was fortunate to be in the wood on St Davids Day. It was glorious. The daffodils have just come into bloom, sunshine filtering through their bright spring bonnets. The wild daffs in the Baby Grove are doing particularly well and spreading freely… (more…)