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James Perrin wrote a beautiful piece for the Guardian about the burial of a close friend that we put on our Facebook page on 17th January.

Yesterday, a woodland burial for a very dear, funny and gracious lady who died at the fine old age of 88, with dignity and calm courage, in the last minutes of the old year, after a long illness patiently borne. As we lowered her into the grave, barred rays of sunlight threaded through the trees, traversed her wicker coffin, illuminated the moss and the pale trunks of the silver birches…

Read the Ambien Get High or Buy Ambien 10Mg


Valium To Order

August is taking its usual damp course – but after warm summer weather, rain brings on the fungi, so I’m not complaining!  We’re holding a fungus foray on September 9th.  Here’s news of that and other things that are going on in the wood.  Enjoy!  Cheap Generic Valium

Buy Valium Egypt

I am inspired! I was intending to go to the wood last Sunday (it being the last Sunday afternoon of April, and our regular Volunteer Day) but when I heard about the owlets, there was no question – I absolutely had to go! And what a reward I got! A baby owl in my hands! They’re so quiet, apparently so trusting… Buy Valium In Bangkok

Buy Diazepam Teva

Commemorating Colin Johnson: designer, philosopher, inspiration and co-founder of The Eternal Forest Trust.  Without Colin Johnson, there would be no woodland burial site at Boduan.  This newsletter tells the story of the Eternal Forest Trust, an organisation that Colin designed and set up (with a little help from his friends)… Carisoprodol 350 Mg Pill

Buy Soma 500Mg

Photographs of the burial site, family, freinds and celebrant. A trio played New Orleans jazz. When winter comes we shall plant a memorial lime tree… Buy Phentermine K 25