Choosing a Plot

You can contact us to book a spot for yourself prior to need, or for someone who has already died. Phone us to arrange a time to meet you at the woods and walk round together to choose the spot.

Who can be buried?

We bury people, pets, and ashes.

People can be buried* in coffins or shrouds. Coffins must be biodegradable and you can choose from cardboard, wicker, seagrass, bamboo or plain, unvarnished wood.

Cremation ashes can be scattered or buried.

*We cannot permit embalmed bodies.

Here are some links to suppliers of coffins so you can see examples of what’s available.  Normally funeral directors supply coffins but you can tell them what you want.



Visit our Costs page for details on our services, price lists and our Pay Now, Die Later scheme.

What we do

We do everything required for the burial from the time the deceased arrives at the wood. Visit our What we do page for full details.

What you can do

You will need to organise care of the body before burial, the coffin, the service, and the music. We are happy to help and your funeral director (if you have one) will take care of as much of the organisation as you choose. Visit our What you can do page for full details.