The Eternal Forest Trust has two (fully integrated) aspects: the charity and the business. The business side looks after the burials, ceremonies and dedications.

The Charity runs on volunteer help and donations of time, skills and money.

If you pay tax in the UK, please add your postal or email address so that we can add 25% gift aid.

The cash is needed to:

  • maintain the wood
  • enable educational and group activities in the wood
  • publicise our fundraising events
  • hire equipment, buy tools

The Eternal Forest Trust is also establishing a new fund to buy a second plot of land in the Arfon area. At our present rate of burials, Boduan will be full by 2030.

You may wish to book your own burial plot, prices start at £900

We welcome regular supporters. A regular income means we can make longer term plans for the charity.

  • £3.90 buys a pair of bramble busting gauntlets
  • £14.50 buys a 24″ bow saw
  • £21 buys a landscape rake
  • £28 buys 100 wildflower plugs
  • £38 buys a quality pair of secateurs
  • £50 buys a pair of anvil loppers
  • £98 pays for a dayís hire of a shredding machine

Become a member

Links to MyDonate and Just Giving are coming soon, in the meantime please contact us directly to make a donation by BACS or set up a standing order.