In Gratitude

Appreciation for what we do – from people whose loved ones are buried in the wood

“I’m so glad we both chose The Eternal Forest for our final resting place – it’s such a beautiful site… Thank you for everything.”

“My family and I chose The Eternal Forest for my son’s final resting place, as it represented everything he believed in during his life.
I cannot tell you how much it meant to me and my family…. Your act of kindness will never be forgotten.”

“J loved the countryside, forests and wild flowers. I know he would be happy to know his remains are in such a beautiful place. Please let me know if there is, in the future, anything I can help with to keep Boduan as beautiful and peaceful as it is.”

“Dear Bella and team, just wanted to say a huge thank you for making a very difficult time a little bit easier… Everyone that came to the burial said how lovely it is there and I certainly found a sense of peace. It is the perfect place for our beloved J.”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding… What you have set up is such a wonderful thing and I am sure it will bring peace to many people for many generations.”

“We would like to thank you both for the very kind way in which you saw to J’s burial. Once again thank you for your kindness.”

“Thank you so much Arabella. You don’t know how much your Sanctuary means to me.”

“It was very beautiful and peaceful. People that attended the burial said that they would like this kind of burial.”

“Thank you for providing a beautiful home fit for my beautiful boys.”

“The Sanctuary… is a beautiful place & I can think of nowhere that would have been more fitting.”

“I hope the trend of acceptance of symbiosis of humanity and nature continues to flow.”

“Everyone agreed that the burial ground was a stunning place to be laid to rest, and that the … ceremony was far better than normal funerals.”

“We believe that this form of burial is less traumatic than conventional burials and aids the healing process. Felt more natural and part of life’s cycle.”

“It was the most beautiful peaceful experience.”

“I feel privileged and extremely lucky to have discovered (online) The Eternal Forest Trust – the beautiful Boduan wood – This was the inspiration for a visionary project that has become a natural burial site. It has transformed what could have been a painful and difficult experience into an easy and uplifting one every step of the way.”

“Being at the Forest was so peaceful. It made a very difficult day a beautiful thing.”

“My husband died recently and I found Billy Bodger by chance in the wood, I learned green woodworking skills and left the wood feeling enriched and happy”.