Newletter 118 – November 2020

For the living: A new November newsletter.

Today is All Souls, The Day of the Dead: an appropriate time to remember the people and pets buried in the wood over the last 15 years. The first person to take up residence, in 2005, was my father, Billy Melville. It would have been his 107th birthday today but he didn’t want to stick around, 14 years without my mother was already too long… (more…)

Newletter 117 – October 2020

Such lovely colours!

As the nights lengthen and the days grow colder, the glorious colours of autumn appear in the world. I’m writing this newsletter just over a week after the autumn equinox, but already the change has been traumatic. I’ve started lighting my fire in the evenings, a good stock of logs from the world keeping me warm. We have plenty of well dried wood in our logpiles for everybody who can collect it, all we ask for in return is a small donation to the charity. (more…)

Newletter 116 – July 2020

High summer in the wood – Today’s report from Boduan Sanctuary Wood.

People, you’re allowed to vist the wood at last! The five mile travel limit has been lifted and visitors can come back to Pen Llyn. Our gates are open as usual; all are now welcome.

Enjoy! (more…)

Covid 19: Safety Policy at Boduan Sanctuary Wood

To ensure the safety of mourners and staff in the Eternal Forest, the following precautions will be taken with immediate effect. 

Please do not visit the wood if you or anyone in your household are showing any symptoms of the virus, if you are feeling unwell, or if anyone in your household is self-isolating because of possible infection during the previous 14 days.

When visiting the wood, please observe physical distancing of at least 2 metres from anyone from outside your household.

Please wash your hands before and after your trip to the wood and wear gloves or use alcohol hand gel after touching the gate or toilet door handles.

Only use the toilet facilities if absolutely necessary and wash your hands or use alcohol hand gel before and after use.

The carpark has a maximum capacity of 8 cars at any time.  During a funeral 2-3 spaces will be taken by staff and the funeral car, so mourners will be restricted to a maximum of 5 cars, and are reminded that they should only share a car with people from their own household. When parking, please leave 2.5 metres between cars.

These restrictions are necessary to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus and are subject to review as official advice changes. 

Newsletter 112 – November 2019

This autumn is spectacular! Yes, the recent weather may have been dire but the colours are glorious. The beeches are particularly lovely this year, all tawny and gold. And there’s so much fruit, so many fungi, so many nuts – I’ve never known an autumn like it.

Learn to Identify Fungi

Location Boduan Sanctuary Wood
Dates Sunday 15th September
Time 2 0’clock onwards

Is it a poisonous toadstool or a delicious mushroom? Find our with fungus expert Charles Aron