Author: Arabella Melville

Midsummer in the wood – Newsletter 136 – Summer 2023

Phew! It’s been hot! Last week, yet again, Porthmadog (15 miles from the wood) was declared the hottest place in Britain. But we have the answer: go for a walk in a wood. If you’re too far from Boduan to walk in our lovely wood, find another – because the temperature in woodland is substantially… Read more »

The days are longer than the nights – Newsletter 135 – Spring 2023

It’s Spring time! It really is Spring at last! The nights are getting ever shorter and the sun rises higher in the sky each day, illuminating places that have been shaded for the last six months, bringing light and life and joy. March is not going out like a lamb but the wind gusting through… Read more »

Happy Christmas – Newsletter 134 – December 2022

It’s time to celebrate! Welcome the returning sun! From Wednesday the days get longer! The birds have started singing again, perky little wrens – King of the Winter, according to folklore – can be seen hopping in and out of log-piles and the robins are as plentiful, cheerful and friendly as ever. We love them… Read more »

Autumn in the wood – Newsletter 133 – October 2022

I aways feel a little sad at the Autumn Equinox; sad that the nights will be long for six whole months; sad that what sunshine we see doesn’t bring the warmth we had enjoyed. But there are compensations, especially this autumn, which is a very exciting time for the Eternal Forest Trust.

Party in the Woods – 22nd October 2022

We are having a party in the woods on Saturday 22nd October 2022 from 11am to 4pm. It would be great to see you there! Please get in touch if you can help in any way, or just come along and enjoy the party. Car-sharing advised.

Summertime in the Wood – Newsletter 132 – August 2022

It’s been so dry in the wood this summer, the ground is like concrete under the rich dark topsoil. I’ve never seen the stream so low. But at least we have a stream and it is still running, so we have water. And there must be water in the ground, because the treees, ferns and… Read more »

Springtime in the Wood – Newsletter 131 – March 2022

March was a golden month. Golden sunshine – record breaking, according to the Met Office – golden daffodils, celandine, dandelions, primroses – well, more lemon than gold but surely you’ll allow a bit of poetic licence?