General Manager The Eternal Forest Trust

This multifaceted job demands passion and commitment; intellectual, creative and emotional reserves as well as physical competence.

The successful candidate will have many tasks, from being with bereaved people and organising burials, to transplanting ferns and clearing brambles, from managing accounts and records to creating safe access to graves. It is a unique opportunity for an unusual person.

We are looking for someone who lives in or near Pwllheli and who can demonstrate:

  • Passion for the woodland
  • Empathy with people in distress
  • Good communication skills, preferably in Welsh and English
  • Competent office skills
  • Commitment to the project

Closing date 07.01.22

25 hours / week, flexible working. £26000 a year.

For application forms email

Closing date for application 07.01.22

Job Description

1. Promote and maintain Charity Objects by ensuring the continued availability of accessible woodland, enhancing biodiversity, providing woodland burials, supporting the bereaved, and offering education about native woodlands.

2. Uphold EFT policies and procedures.

3. Organising burials

Booking and recording grave plots, drawing up contracts and location documents with customers. Liaising with mourners, funeral directors, celebrants, contractors. Sourcing burial / memorial items if requested

Ensuring that appropriate information is given to all funeral parties.

Ensuring gravedigging and grave finishing is to good standard and that the site is ready in good time for the arrival of funeral parties.

Ensuring that graves are filled promptly after burials and re-filled with additional soil when sinkage occurs.

Liaising with families to plant appropriate trees on grave sites if desired.

Organising appropriate payments for burials.

4. Woodland management:

Felling / maintenance – ensuring that hazards potential and actual are identified, and ensuring that the wood is as safe a workplace as possible.

Collaborating with trustees and forestry workers in developing and supervising felling of spruce as required.

Mapping – ensure accurate and up-to-date map records of the burial ground(s)

Planning future grave spaces

Ensuring that paths are maintained and suitable for funeral parties and wheelchairs

Acting to support all forms of wildlife and to enhance the diversity of native woodland plants.

Ensuring that the compost toilet is cleaned and maintained, ensuring that hand washing facilities are always available.

Managing storage, security, safety and effective operation of equipment.

5. Governance & Office Management

Maintaining up to date Register of Burials in compliance with government requirements

Prompt responses to enquiries – email / phone / in person

Database: ensure compliance with GDPR and confidentiality; maintain database and introduce new systems as needed

Ensure compliance with Association of Natural Burial Grounds status

Keep insurances appropriate and up to date

Ensure website is updated regularly

Arrange for purchase of stationery and equipment as needed

6. Finance

Keep up to date income / expenses records

Ensure invoices are paid and cash banked promptly

Monitor donations and standing orders

Submit gift aid claim quarterly if possible

Monitor and implement ways to reduce EFT costs

Ensure accounts are produced promptly for the Charity Commission, Companies House, and the Charity’s Annual Report.

7. Public and Volunteers

Develop social media presence

Organise events with schools, locals, volunteers

Promote and arrange volunteer sessions and working parties

Produce and distribute up to date price lists and other information as required

8. Co-ordinate with Trustees

Help arrange Trustee meetings and ensure decisions are implemented

Liaise and update them as needed

Alert them to any matters that need shared responsibility

9. Future-proofing the Charity

Work with Trustees to find potential new burial sites.


General Manager – Job description (docx)

General Manager – Person Specification (docx)