The Eternal Forest Trust Ltd.
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Woodland Services
  The Eternal Forest Trust offers a variety of services in the wood, ranging from burials to nest boxes celebrating special people or events. We bury people, pets, and ashes on plots you can choose, and detailed mapping ensures that the plot will remain dedicated to those you love for ever. We can plant a tree for you or with you, along with ferns, bluebells and local wildflowers. If you want to select a woodland glade for yourself or your family and pets, we will meet you in the wood and guide you to the spaces available.  If you’re not interested in burial – if, perhaps, you want to commemorate the birth of a child or remember someone you lost years ago - you can choose a tree in which to hang a hand-made plaque or nest box.

The wood is always open to pedestrians and you can visit whenever you like. The gate will take wheelchairs, there are good paths through the wood, and there is off-road parking.

To see a gallery of photographs of the first funeral in Boduan Sanctuary Wood,
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Boduan Sanctuary is registered as a cemetery but it is unique, the only place in Wales where anyone can be buried in established woodland. We allow a lot of space for each burial; the minimum plot size is 2.5 x 5m (about 128 square feet). We do all the work, preparing the grave and restoring the area after the burial. Facilities for the funeral party include adequate parking and a uniquely charming toilet. You can have whatever form of ceremony you choose – religious, humanist, pagan or something of your own, with live music if you wish.  We’ll do all we can to ensure that your ceremony is exactly as you’d like it to be. Afterwards we can plant a tree and place a memorial stone as you wish.

Our burial prices can be viewed here: Burial Price List

Family Glades                                                                      Pet Burial Tariff >
Larger areas can be reserved for families or groups. You can pre-book a glade and if you have pets, they can be buried there too.

Those who prefer cremation can place or bury ashes under a tree (established or specially planted) and create a small memorial. We’re also happy to provide and hang bird or bat boxes, with a name-plaque if desired, or to make a bench specially for you.

Dedications                                        Suggested Donations for Dedications >
You can dedicate a tree, an area of natural woodland, or part of the stream to commemorate events such as: births, birthdays, marriage, special life events like passing exams or other notable achievements, retirement, and of course in memory of those you have loved.

Ring us to discuss prices for our services. If you pre-book your burial, the cost can be spread over several years with our Pay Now, Die Later scheme, which entitles you to use your plot from the day your standing order begins. We can always work out a way for you to afford burial in Boduan Sanctuary.

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