Author: Arabella Melville
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August is taking its usual damp course – but after warm summer weather, rain brings on the fungi, so I’m not complaining!  We’re holding a fungus foray on September 9th.  Here’s news of that and other things that are going on in the wood.  Enjoy! 

Buy Real Valium

I am inspired! I was intending to go to the wood last Sunday (it being the last Sunday afternoon of April, and our regular Volunteer Day) but when I heard about the owlets, there was no question – I absolutely had to go! And what a reward I got! A baby owl in my hands!… Buy Adipex From Europe

Buy Adco Zolpidem Online

The wood is coming back to life after the snow and freezing weather.  Bluebell leaves are poking through the damp ground, the birds are singing and the snowdrops are in bloom… 

Order Phentermine From China

Commemorating Colin Johnson: designer, philosopher, inspiration and co-founder of The Eternal Forest Trust.  Without Colin Johnson, there would be no woodland burial site at Boduan.  This newsletter tells the story of the Eternal Forest Trust, an organisation that Colin designed and set up (with a little help from his friends)…

Buy Diazepam Next Day

Photographs of the burial site, family, freinds and celebrant. A trio played New Orleans jazz. When winter comes we shall plant a memorial lime tree…